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The Dao of Silk: Workshops and Events

I live in the Greater Vancouver (BC, of course!) area and have been contemplating local workshops, a club or study group but have yet to come to any conclusion (or venue). So, if you have any ideas or interest, please let me know.

Scheduled Workshops

Aug 17-18, 2005 Introduction to Asian Knotting Gibsons, BC
A two (2) day workshop in the Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival


July 2-4, 2005 IGKT PAB AGM and show Seattle, WA
The International Guild of Knot Tyers Pacific Americas branch is holding it's annual general meeting in conjunction with the 29th Annual Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival. An interactive knotwork display will take place July 2-4.

Workshops Offered

General Workshops

Introduction to Asian Knotting
Learn the basics of Asian Knotting (jie yi, maedup, hanamusubi, mizuhiki). Explore the materials, tools, project assembly and finishing techniques. Tie more than 11 different knots including the button/diamond knot and the mystic/endless knot. Learn knot embellishment techniques and how to make Asian style tassels. 2-3 day workshop. Several projects can be completed in class depending on class length.
Finding Closure: Garment Edition
Create custom tailored knotted buttons for your handcrafted garment. A sampling of materials and discussion of their characteristics and construction methods, where suitable, will be provided. Suitable for participants of all levels. Several frog types and variations will be presented, the number depending on class length. 2-4 hr workshop.

Recently presented at the HWSDA's 2005 Conference, Dancing Threads

Finding Closure: Jewelry Edition
Get introduced to the art of decorative knotting and learn how to make custom closures for your fibreart jewelry. Explore new and unusual cord types. Take home a variety of completed necklaces and bracelets from this hands-on workshop. Suitable for participants of all levels. 1/2 - 1 day workshop.

Project Workshops

Exploring the Button Knot
Learn at least 4 different ways to tie the diamond (Chinese button) knot and make a unique necklace to take home in this hands-on workshop. Materials and instructions for matching bracelet and earrings will be given for completion at home or in class as time permits. 1/2 - 1 day workshop.

Recently presented at the HWSDA's 2005 Conference, Dancing Threads

Josephine's Knotted Belt
Pick one of 3 variations on a belt tied with Josephine's Knot (also known as the double coin knot or Carrick Bend) and take home your completed project.

Custom Workshops

Each knot family is ripe for exploration in a 1/2 - 1 day workshop. If you want to fully immerse yourself, the mystic knot variations alone could be analyzed for at least a week! We're all about decorative knots (and braids and sennits and cords and...) so if you are interested, but don't see what you want, ask us and we should be able to tailor workshop for you, your store, guild, club, friends, company or troop.

Some workshop ideas we're mulling around include: